Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence

The Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence focusses on the science from the Sun, through space, up to the Earth and its atmosphere and encloses a Space Weather application and service centre.

Science Highlights

Apr 15, 2015: NOAA 2321: one, two or three groups?

Apr 09, 2015: Impressive filament eruption

Apr 02, 2015: Divergent

Mar 26, 2015: NOAA 2297 targets Earth

Mar 12, 2015: Marvellous M-flares

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Good to know

ESWW12 - Nov 23-27, 2015

Six years of SOLAR/SOLSPEC mission on ISS

Mark the date: 11 June 2015 - STCE annual meeting

STCE seminars