Session - Advances in instrumentation and future missions for space weather science or operation

A. BenMoussa, M. Barthelemy, A. Hilgers

Space based and ground based observations are required to satisfy many of the space weather service user needs and to allow new scientific research underpinning space weather. Scientific requirements are usually driven by the need to discover new observational features in the data. Instruments needed for operational space weather can usually benefit from scientific heritage but are driven by requirements very different from most scientific missions and therefore also require new development.

Contributions are solicited on topics relevant to future instruments and mission developments for either scientific research or operational space weather including, but not limited to, lessons learned from past and current instruments, possible new instrument or mission concepts including nano-satellites, future needs and opportunities, and international collaborations.

Monday November 23, 14:30 - 15:30, Delvaux
Monday November 23, 16:30 - 18:00, Delvaux

Poster Viewing
Monday November 23, 15:30 - 16:30, Poster area

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Talks : Time schedule

Monday November 23, 14:30 - 15:30, Delvaux
14:30Space Weather Observations for Operational ServicesOnsager, T et al.Invited Oral
14:45Space Weather observations from hosted payload sensors at geosynchronous orbitPitchford, D et al.Oral
15:00Impact of FORMOSAT-7 on Ionospheric Space Weather MonitoringLee, I et al.Oral
15:15Flight Results from AeroCube-6Blake, B et al.Oral

Monday November 23, 16:30 - 18:00, Delvaux
16:30Carrington-L5: The Next Generation Space Weather Monitoring MissionTrichas, M et al.Oral
16:45Low resource magnetoresistive magnetometers with space weather applicationsEastwood, J et al.Oral
17:00ATISE: a micro spectrometer based on the µ-SPOC system to study airglow and auroraBarthelemy, M et al.Oral
17:15A New Ground-Based Network for Synoptic Solar Observations: The Solar Physics Research Integrated Network Group (SPRING)Roth, M et al.Oral
17:30AMBRE_NG: A compact dual ion-electron spectrometer for thermal plasma measurementsLavraud, B et al.Oral
17:45Evaluation of space-based observation capabilities in OSCAR in support of gap analysisLafeuille, J et al.Oral


Monday November 23, 15:30 - 16:30, Poster area
1GK-2A KSEM Data Simulation by using Pattern AnalysisYun, A et al.p-Poster
2Kazakhstan ground-based experimental complex for Space Weather studyKryakunova, O et al.p-Poster
3Observations of Space Environment Data Acquisition Monitor (SEDA) onboard Himawari-8Tsutomu, N et al.p-Poster
4A solar UV radiometer for planetary space missionsCessateur, G et al.e-Poster
5ESIO, a new instrument for operational space weatherThibert, T et al.p-Poster
6Calibration of Radiation MonitorsProvatas, G et al.p-Poster
7The Infrastructure of the Mexican Space Weather Service (SCiESMEX).De la luz, V et al.p-Poster
8Coronal and heliospheric imaging instrumentation development at RAL SpaceDavies, J et al.p-Poster
9EISCAT_3D: Status of the next generation incoherent scatter radar systemTjulin, A et al.e-Poster
10Nanosatellites for in-situ studies of the Earth’s ionosphere and thermosphere – exploiting the QB50 mission opportunity for Space Weather scienceKataria, D et al.e-Poster
11LYRA experiences for future space weather instrumentsDammasch, I et al.p-Poster
12ILWS/COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap: Geospace Constellation Mission Concept Addressing the Causes of Intense GICsOpgenoorth, H et al.p-Poster
13Space weather science with SLP on board PICASSORanvier, S et al.p-Poster
14Development of a new versatile magnetometer for solar monitoring onboard of the GEO-KOMPSAT-2A satelliteKraft, S et al.p-Poster
15SUITS/SWUSV: A Solar-Terrestrial Space Weather & Climate InvestigationDamé, L et al.p-Poster
16A capable high performance plasma analyser for space weather applicationsKataria, D et al.p-Poster
17Instrument concepts to help determine the incoming CME field from solar observations to enable 24h forecasts of space weatherSchrijver, C et al.p-Poster
18Space Weather monitoring from Geostationary orbit : KMA launch GK2A space weather mission, KSEMLee, H et al.p-Poster