Session - Neutron Monitor science as a fundamental tool for space weather

C. Plainaki, C. Steigies

This session welcomes papers on all aspects of space weather monitoring and prediction, performed either explicitly or partially through the use of the ground-level Neutron Monitor network.

Focus will be given in modeling efforts, tools and space weather applications developed for an operational setting, aiming to the characterization of the solar energetic particles and CMEs properties and to the prediction of their effects to the Earth's atmosphere.
Papers on neutron dosimetry applications, in the context of human exposure to cosmic radiation at high altitudes, in aircraft and spacecraft, are highly welcome.
Cross-disciplinary issues, including the science performed with instruments like PAMELA, AMS, muon telescopes, solar neutron detectors and other, which can provide significant complementary information to the one derived through the use of ground-level neutron monitor data, are of high relevance to this session.
Moreover, GLE prediction efforts performed through the use of ground-based neutron monitor data, potentially in combination with satellite information and theoretical models predictions, are very welcome.
Presentations on future projects related to space weather applications based on the use of neutron monitor data are encouraged.

Friday November 27, 11:00 - 13:00, Mercator

Poster Viewing
Friday November 27, 10:00 - 11:00, Poster area

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Talks : Time schedule

Friday November 27, 11:00 - 13:00, Mercator
11:00Contribution of simulation techniques to the space weather researchPaschalis, P et al.Invited Oral
11:15Application of newly computed neutron monitor yield function for GLE analysisMishev, A et al.Invited Oral
11:30Global method of data processing: what do neutron monitors see?Eroshenko, E et al.Invited Oral
11:45Variations of the vertical cutoff rigidities for the world wide neutron monitor network over the period of continues monitoring of cosmic raysDorman, L et al.Invited Oral
12:00On the origin of relativistic solar particle events: neutron monitor observations, radio emission, and interplanetary transport modellingKlein, K et al.Oral
12:15About influence of the coronal holes lon the geomagnetic activity and cosmic ray variationsAbunina, M et al.Oral
12:30Can We Observe Remote Coronal Mass Ejections using Neutron Monitor Data?Thomas, S et al.Oral
12:45Mini neutron monitor measurements at the Neumayer III station and on the German research vessel PolarsternHeber, B et al.Invited p-Poster
12:50The ICME’s magnetic field and the role on the galactic cosmic ray modulation for the solar cycle 23Paouris, E et al.Invited p-Poster


Friday November 27, 10:00 - 11:00, Poster area
1Mini neutron monitor measurements at the Neumayer III station and on the German research vessel PolarsternHeber, B et al.Invited p-Poster
2The ICME’s magnetic field and the role on the galactic cosmic ray modulation for the solar cycle 23Paouris, E et al.Invited p-Poster
3Computation of Ion Production Rate and Ionization Effect During Bastille Day GLE 59 and GLE 70 EventsMishev, A et al.e-Poster
4Understanding SEP properties through Neutron Monitor data modeling Plainaki, C et al.e-Poster
5Spectra and anisotropy of GLEs on the basis of NM data Mishev, A et al.e-Poster
6Forbush decreases associated to Stealth Coronal Mass EjectionsHeber, B et al.e-Poster
7Rapid determination of cutoff rigidities and asymptotic directions for near real-time space weather applications based on neutron monitor measurementsBütikofer, R et al.e-Poster
8Upgrading the Dourbes cosmic ray observatory for research and development of improved space weather monitoring servicesSapundjiev, D et al.e-Poster
9Meteorological effects of muon component at the mountain muon detectorsDorman, L et al.e-Poster
10Inversion of Source and Transport Parameters of Relativistic SEPs from Neutron Monitor Data Bütikofer, R et al.e-Poster
11Improvements on the Neutron Monitor Data Acquisition SystemGarcia, O et al.p-Poster
12Account of dynamic effect of the atmospheric wind in the neutron monitor data at the Antarctic station Mirny.Eroshenko, E et al.p-Poster
13Method of global survey (GSM) and corresponding tools for data preparation.Eroshenko, E et al.p-Poster
14A study of the polar and middle latitude neutron monitors during the extended geomagnetic storm of March 17, 2015Mavromichalaki, H et al.p-Poster
15Pressure correction of the Neutron Monitor data during the last solar cycle Gerontidou, M et al.p-Poster
16Proton enhancements of solar cosmic rays in January and March 2012Kryakunova, O et al.p-Poster
17Effective and ambient dose calculation at flight altitudes with the newly computed yield functions Mishev, A et al.p-Poster
18A Comparative study of the Longitudinal and Latitudinal Cosmic Ray Diurnal Anisotropy for the time period 2001-2014Tezari, A et al.p-Poster
19The Behaviour of Galactic Cosmic Rays near the Heliospheric Current SheetThomas, S et al.p-Poster
20Multi-instrument radiation monitoring at the Testa Grigia high altitude ObservatoryLaurenza, M et al.p-Poster
21CaLMa, toward an integrated neutron/muon systemBlanco, J et al.p-Poster
22Estimated Response of the Calgary Neutron Monitor to the Absolute Cosmic Ray Proton and Helium Spectra by a Simulation of Cascade Showers and Subsequent Thermal Neutron TransportKouznetsov, A et al.p-Poster
23Mexico City Neutron Monitor for Space Weather Studies.González, X et al.p-Poster
24Barometric effect of the neutron component of cosmic rays with consideration for wind effect at the Antarctic station Mirny and station Mt. Hermon in IsraelDorman, L et al.p-Poster
25Using one-minute CR data for forecasting on-line great fluxes of energetic particles from the Sun, dangerous for satellites operation and airplanes at regular about 10 km altitude airlinesDorman, L et al.p-Poster
26Radiation dosimetry at Argentine Antarctic Marambio base and its correlation with cosmic ray variabilityLaurenza, M et al.p-Poster
27Variations of the galactic cosmic ray spectrum on the Forbush decreases of March 2012Mavromichalaki, H et al.p-Poster
28Relation of the vector cosmic ray anisotropy to the parameters of solar windAbunina, M et al.p-Poster