The SSA Space Weather Coordination Centre (SSCC) located at the Space Pole in Belgium provides the first European Space Weather Helpdesk, with operators available to answer questions about the SSA space weather service network, its products or space weather conditions in general. The SSCC coordinates the provision of Space Weather products and services available either at the SWE Data Centre or at federated sites. The SSCC monitors the service network and provides the first-level user support with the help of scientific experts gathered at the level of a number of Expert Service Centers (ESCs). Each ESC links a number of expert groups and focuses on specific capabilities. Currently ESCs exist for the following topics: Solar Weather, Space Radiation, Ionospheric Weather, Geomagnetic Conditions. An ESC addressing the topic of Heliospheric Weather is in preparation. In the past year several products have been added to the Space Weather portal, including the SWE Asset Database. Within the next year 140 products will be reached.

The products and services of the SSA space weather segment target customers dealing with: Spacecraft design, Spacecraft operation, Human space flight, Launch operation, Trans-ionospheric radio communications, SSA surveillance & tracking, Non-space system operation, and General Data Service.

Contact Michel Kruglanski, Sophie Chabanski, Edith Botek, Laurence Wauters, Wim Vlasselaer, Laszlo Hetey, Andy Devos