Working Meeting - Accomplishing both Basic and Applied Space Weather Research for the benefit of better SWx predictions and more reliable warnings

Hermann Opgenoorth (IRFU), Terry Onsager (NOAA)
Tuesday, 24th 15:00 - 16:30, Delvaux

The increasing importance of space weather has necessitated the development of space weather services, similar to meteorology services.  These services are now possible because of the fundamental understanding of the Sun-Earth system that has developed through decades of scientific research. However, since the historical emphasis of this scientific discipline has been on fundamental science, the priorities of  the scientific workforce and the funding agencies are in many ways not well aligned with the new imperative to develop useful applications on a shorter term - as the societal need arises.  It is clear that basic research is still essential to improve our fundamental understanding and to enable future improvements in predictive  capabilities, but it is also necessary to devote scientific effort toward near-term, targeted services to address the immediate need for space  weather information. How can these two goals be achieved simultaneously, with both building largely from the same workforce and with  constrained funding?  The goal of this discussion is to share the views and experience of international scientists about the appropriate balance between basic  and applied space weather research and how this balance can best be achieved within individual countries and throughout the global community.