Working Meeting - Solar heavy ions, geomagnetic and spacecraft shielding and derivation of radiation effects

Pete Truscott, Piers Jiggens, Daniel Heynderickx, Fan Lei, Athina Varotsou, Anne Samaras
Tuesday, 24th 17:00 - 18:30, Permeke

The ESA SEPEM system was developed to combine models of the Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) environment with effects tools in a consistent way to allow users to browse raw and processed data, to process data themselves with a range of tools and investigate the modelling of SEPs and their effects. The system also includes methods to extrapolate the SEP environment to positions in the heliosphere away from 1 AU.

The ESA ESHIEM Project has been undertaken to deliver significant updates to the SEPEM system including the processing of helium and solar heavy ion data from the ACE and GOES spacecraft, the integration of a tool to perform geomagnetic shielding into the statistical modelling, a new 1-d spacecraft shielding tool to speed up calculations of radiation propagation through shielding for the full range of solar heavy ions and updates to the system to improve usability and performance.

The ESHIEM-SEPEM system shall be demonstrated and participants are invited to question the developers. Participants are also invited to discuss other work in the area of SEP environment models and tools and to suggest further updates to the SEPEM system.