Working Meeting - Space Weather and small scale satellites

Mathieu Barthelemy, Margit Haberreitter, Joran Moen
Wednesday, 25th 15:00 - 16:30, Mercator

Many small-scale satellite projects (from cubesats to platform with weight < 50kg) are currently being developed in universities and institutes all around Europe. Since the majority of these satellites are operated in a LEO, their payload is often dedicated to space weather purposes. These satellites have the potential to considerably change the frame of the space weather observations. An additional advantage of these small-scale missions is that they allow very ambitious constellations as observation program and provide a platform for innovative, miniaturized space instruments for space weather observations. In our view it would be excellent to increase the visibility of and interaction amongst the research groups that have already started or plan to build small-scale missions. This session will give an overview of the existing small-scale satellite projects and will help the European space weather community to structure all these projects for better scientific and operational return.