Getting ready for Proba-3

In November 2023, the Proba-3 Science Working Team (SWT) gathered at the SIDC premises in Brussels. 

Proba-3 is planned for launch in 2024 and will be the first ever precision formation flying mission. It consists of two small satellites launched together that will fly in tandem to create a solar eclipse. The paired satellites will together form a 150-m long solar coronagraph to study the Sun’s faint corona closer to the solar rim than has ever before been achieved. 

In the final stretch to launch, the satellites are undergoing integration at Redwire in Antwerp. The Proba-3 Science Working Team took this opportunity to see them with their own eyes one last time.

After the visit to Redwire, the scientists and engineers moved to the Royal Observatory of Belgium for a 3-day meeting filled with engaging discussions on future observations, data analysis and calibration, joined campaigns with other missions and science results.

More details from ESA on the visit to Redwire are here


The Proba-3 Science Working team at the SIDC.



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