The best of... 2022!

An overview and movie of some spectacular solar and space weather events in 2022 is available at the STCE's solar cycle highlights webpage.

The storm season on the Sun has begun

It has been from 2002 since so many sunspots have been seen on the sun in a single month. It shows that the sun is becoming more active and the "storm season" on the sun is in full swing. It raises the concern on a very severe solar storm. Should we be worried? We got this question from a journalist.

X-class flare in large sunspot group

One of the largest sunspot regions of the current solar cycle developed last week, producing an X-class flare late on 2 July. The monthly sunspot number for June 2023 is the highest so far this solar cycle.

Solar eruptions in EUV

Over the last few weeks, some nice solar eruptions have been visible in the extreme ultraviolet passbands.

Quo vadis, magnetic pole?

The persistent movement of the North magnetic pole towards Siberia may have some consequences on local space weather impacts such as aurora visibility and geomagnetically induced currents.

X-class flare

After a drought of nearly 3 months, the Sun unleashed an X-class flare on 20 June.

SILSO change of management

SILSO logo

Due to a reshuffling of responsibilities, SILSO will from now on run under the single Directorship of Laure Lefèvre, and therefore any future questions related to the SILSO management or data should be addressed to  We  take this opportunity to thank both Frédéric Clette and Laure Lefèvre for their dedication to the SILSO operations during many years.

Steady as she goes...

The STCE's SC25 Tracking page has been updated. Solar activity continues its march towards solar cycle maximum which is currently expected in 2024.

Naked eye sunspots

Over the last 2 weeks, some sizeable sunspot groups were visible with the (protected) naked eye.

An abundancy of M-class flares

Sunspot region NOAA 3311 rounded the Sun's northeast limb on 18 May and has since been a prolific M-class flare producer.



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