Ionospheric storm!

Following the severe geomagnetic storm of 23-24 March 2023, the positive annd negative phases of the associated ionospheric storm as well as the related space weather effects were clearly observed.

New type of oscillations discovered on the sun (EN - NL - FR)

The Extreme Ultraviolet Imager aboard Solar Orbiter was able to observe magnetic loops that shake back and forth very quickly. Scientists suspect that it is these movements that heat the environment around the sun to millions of degrees Celsius.

Trouble near the southwest limb

A number of eruptions occurred on 29-30 March and 1 April near the southwest solar limb.

Severe geomagnetic storm!

A severe geomagnetic storm was recorded on 23-24 March.

Unexpected X-class flare

An X1.2 flare erupted from active region NOAA 3256 early on 29 March.

Rush to the Poles

Solar prominences are migrating towards the solar poles, heralding the reversal of the polar magnetic fields within 1 or 2 years.

Powerful farside eruption

Early on 13 March, a strong eruption occurred on the Sun's farside.

The STCE in 2021

The STCE Annual Report 2021 is now available online.

STCE's Number Puzzle

Some number crunching to highlight solar activity, projects and ongoing missions so far in SC25.

A new month, a new X-class flare!

A sunspot region near the northwest solar limb produced a new X-class flare on 3 March. The bulk of the associated CME is not earth-directed.



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