The Sun is preparing herself for Valentine

In GOES-12 SXI imagery we can detect an active region with a peculiar form. Is it a glimpse of the private life of the Sun?

The day the Sun had no spots

No spots were visible on the solar disk on January 28. The 10cm flux is crashing to a very low level.

Spectacular prominence eruptions on January 21 and 22, 2004

The first prominence, situated at the left (east) of the central meridian, erupted on 21 January. This led to a nice view in EIT 195 (see figure and movie underneath). At this time we already could predict the outburst of a second prominence, situated on the right edge (west limb) of the Sun. The small turbulent motions inside the prominence revealed the future activity.

What is a prominence? ... and a filament?

Did the Sun lose track?

A few days in the months October and November 2003, the daily sunspot number was tremendously high. This seems unusual since we are in the declining phase of the solar cycle.

SIDC visualisation

Since the official start in the magical year 2000 of the SIDC as a Regional Warning Center, our team developed many visualisation tools helping the forecasters doing their job. Click on the icons to find out more.


New service for GPS users

The goal is to assess in near real-time and to forecast the influence of Space Weather and ionospheric conditions on the precision of GPS applications.

People try to determine their position already since millennia. In historic times, the stars were used as guides. Now we have another tool, namely GPS: Global Positioning System. Both systems have one common fact: both are space-borne in the sense that stars live there and GPS has man-made stars: satellites flying around over there.

In the ban of THE hole

Aurora painting the sky

On November 20, polar light was visible, even at low latitudes!

CMEs hitting Earth

Since November 11, 4 beautiful halo coronal mass ejections (CMEs) were seen in SOHO/LASCO C3 imagery. Two of them were directed directly to the Earth. The other two were backsided and will therefore have no effect on us.

In the LASCO C3 movie above, four major CMEs can be identified:  

Return of the monster sunspot groups!

Catania sunspot group 065 (NOAA 10484) will today re-appear at the East limb. This group generated 2 X-class flares and more than 10 M-class flares during its previous rotation. Stay tuned for updates!



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