Humain Radio Telescopes

SInce 1954 the Royal Observatory of Belgium has a second observation site in Belgium; the radioastronomy station in Humain (Marche-en-Famenne). Initially only observations of the Sun with radio telescopes were performed at this site. A parabolic antenna of 7.5 meters for measuring the 600MHz (50cm wavelength) radio flux was used, and an interferometer observing the Sun at a frequency of 408MHz. The interferometer consisted of 48 parabolic antennas (each with a 4m diameter) organized in a T-shape. The picture below shows some of the telescopes along the East-West leg of the T. Real-time solar radio observations can be found at the website of the Humain Solar Radioastronomy Station (HSRS).

Humain sunrise

Humain radio telescopes at sunrise (Photo: Paul Van Cauteren)


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