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Space Weather - why is it important to learn about it?

Sporadic and massive solar eruptions of very high-energy matter and radiation from the Sun can have a pronounced impact on businesses involving navigation, communication and transport of energy. In extreme cases, these eruptions pose a safety risk to human health. Periods of solar activity are generally referred to as solar storms, as part of the changing conditions in space that are called space weather.

Businesses possibly impacted by space weather want to learn about this natural hazard and increase their resilience. Space weather staff, like meteorologists, want to meet certain competence levels.  

Space Weather Introductory Course - entry level course

The 'Space Weather Introductory Course’ is an introductory course and covers the Sun, solar storms, heliosphere, ionosphere, magnetosphere, instruments and methods to observe solar activity, reading and interpreting STCE space weather forecasts. This course is for space weather advisory staff, both military and civilian. 

The introductory course focusses on gaining knowledge by fact-learning and training skills by easily accessible methods like exercises, games and quizzes. It includes a visit to the beating heart of our service centre and ‘Meet & Greet’ with experts in the relevant fields.

The participants of the introductory course are evaluated and receive an examination certificate. The evaluation is online, typically the week after the introductory course. 

An academic background is NOT needed, a notion of basic physics like electric and magnetic fields is handy. We can provide a quick reference with the basics that are needed.

Tailored Space Weather Courses

An end user from the aviation or telecommunication sector has other needs than a space weather forecaster in a solar research centre. The STCE offers tailored courses adapted to the level of the participants to cover the needs and business of the user. The length, content, format (i.e. online or in person) and location of the course can be discussed.

Ask us.

Example: Space Weather impacts on ionospheric wave propagation - focus on GNSS and HF.

The SWEC concept

The SWEC courses are given by qualified training staff. The course content is provided by the academic, forecast and engineering back office of the STCE. The SWEC service is based upon the expertise gained through scientific research, involvement in space missions and space weather monitoring, and forecasting capabilities. 

SWEC offers an online archive of course material and space weather info. Further detailing of the courses is dynamical and based on User feedback.
After ‘sales’ service is possible. 






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