CmPA Seminar: Impulsively generated kink wave trains in structured corona

Title: Impulsively generated kink wave trains in structured corona

This seminar is organised by KU Leuven's Center for mathematical Plasma-Astrophysics (CmPA).

Speaker: Mingzhe Guo

Abstract: Impulsively excited wave trains are of considerable interest in solar coronal seismology. We numerically follow the response of density-enhanced slabs to impulsive, localized, transverse velocity perturbations by working in the framework of ideal magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). Both linear and nonlinear regimes are addressed. Kink wave trains are seen to develop along the examined slabs, sharing the characteristics that more oscillatory patterns emerge with time and that the apparent wavelength increases with distance at a given instant. These features may be relevant for understanding the interaction between magnetic structures and such explosive events as coronal mass ejections. Our numerical findings on kink wave trains in solar coronal slabs are discussed in connection with typical measurements of streamer waves. In addition, a newly 3D time-dependent attempt will also be discussed.

The seminar will be held in a hybrid mode, in person in building 200B, room 00.07 and transmitted online using the following permanent Blackboard Collaborate link, that can be used for all the upcoming seminars in this academic year:​  


Thursday, October 13, 2022 - 14:00 to 16:00

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