KU Leuven/CmPA Seminar: Interaction between waves and null points

Seminar by Anna Zenonos - Student in Master of Mathematics, KU Leuven

Title: Interaction between waves and null points


It is known that null points are ubiquitous in the solar corona and it has been proposed that they contribute to coronal heating. In order to study and verify that the interaction between MHD waves and null points is considered. The behavior of different kinds of MHD waves in different plasma environments will be discussed in the talk. Initially, when a fast wave interacts with a null point, various phenomena occur. For instance, wave refraction around the null point, mode conversion at the location of the equipartition layer, magnetic reconnection, and more importantly, in the non-linear context, the formation of shocks and hot jets is implemented. In addition, a recent study will be discussed, that involves thermal conduction, aiming to discover the effect of thermal conduction on the oscillatory reconnection mechanism. Finally, a set of experiments that were made in order to study the interaction between MHD waves and null points will be presented.

When: Thursday 26 Januari 2023

Where: The seminar can be followed in person in building 200B, room 02.16 or online at the following link:​


Thursday, January 26, 2023 - 14:00 to 15:00

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