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The STCE, Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence, is the place for research, data & services and education about Sun-Space-Earth and their interactions. The institute can rely on a rich history and expertise in solar and terrestrial observations & measurements, both on ground and from space.

Space Weather Service Centre

The STCE incorporates a Space Weather Service Centre, issuing daily space weather bulletins and warnings in case of space storms through a freely accessible website, for registered users and for civil aviation in particular.

Space Weather bulletins & warnings: https://www.sidc.be/
Solar Radio Observations: https://www.sidc.be/humain/home
Sunspot observations at Uccle: https://sidc.be/uset/
Silso, sunspot data center: https://sidc.be/SILSO/home
Ionospheric products: http://gnss.be/
Ionosphere, Geomagnetic Activity, Cosmic Rays: http://ionosphere.meteo.be/
Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate: https://www.swsc-journal.org/

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Space Weather Education Centre

The STCE strongly invests in space weather courses and trainings, relying on a firm academic and service experience and qualified teachers and communicators. This comes together in its Space Weather Education Centre for stakeholders and users and an online Space Weather Info store with free access to information, data and tools.
List of courses: https://events.spacepole.be/category/4/

STCE Newsletter

Checking the online STCE news, the weekly newsletter keeps you up to date with everything happening in the space weather community.
Find our newsletter here: https://www.stce.be/newsletter/

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November 2023
  • Nov 18-19, E-SWAN Space Weather School: data, models and services, by the STCE, Toulouse, France
  • Nov 24, Webinar: Meet EPOS-BE, ROB, online
  • Nov 26, STCE @ Dag van de Wetenschap, Planetarium, Brussels

  • December 2023
  • Dec 4-6, STCE course: Space Weather impacts on ionospheric wave propagation - focus on GNSS and HF, Brussels, Belgium - Registrations are open

  • January 2024
  • Jan 22-24, 2024, STCE Space Weather Introductory Course, Brussels, Belgium - Registrations are open
  • Jan 25, 2024, post-Space Weather Introductory Course, by JMG and MeteoWing, place TBD - registration is included in the January SWIC