Eclipse fever

PROBA2 - the 21 august solar eclipse,  live from space 

Monday, 21 August 2017 will mark an important celestial event, a total solar eclipse. This will be a well-observed event from Earth, as the eclipse will transit the whole of North America. But, what if you are not in North America? We have a solution: the micro-satellite PROBA2 will be your reporter from space. 

PROBA2’s orbit around Earth allows it to see the Sun almost continuously. Since one orbit takes only around 90 minutes, it can even see 3 (partial) eclipses! Another advantage is that PROBA2 doesn’t have to worry about the weather or clouds. PROBA2 ‘flies’ little more than 700 km above the Earth’s surface, well above the Earth atmosphere and the region where clouds are formed.

Our PROBA2 scientists and operators are ready to bring you the eclipse news from space asap on this news channel:

On 2015 March 20, PROBA2 observed a total solar eclipse as the spacecraft's orbit carried it through the darkest parts of the Moon's shadow.




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