Seminar - Predicting geo-effectiveness of CMEs with EUHFORIA

The next Solar Physics seminar will be given by Anwesha Maharana (KU Leuven) on Wednesday, June 2, 14:30 via zoom - see the details below.

Title: Predicting geo-effectiveness of CMEs with EUHFORIA  

Abstract: EUHFORIA is a physics-based heliospheric and CME propagation model designed for space weather forecasting and other scientific studies. Presently, there are few different CME models implemented in EUHFORIA. Answesha will give an overview of three CME models and compare their performances.

The unmagnetized Cone model can predict the arrival time of CMEs but is not designed to predict the magnetic field at Earth. The second model is the magnetized linear force free Spheromak model which performs better than the Cone model in predicting the arrival time and magnetic field components but is limited by its spherical geometry. It can make only good arrival time predictions when the CME flank/leg passes by Earth or any satellite. This limitation is aimed to be improved by the next model, FRi3D which has an extended flux rope structure to capture the flank CME encounters. Finally, predictions about he geo-effectiveness for an observed CME event will be shown using these three CME models in EUHFORIA, coupled to a magnetospheric-ionospheric model OpenGGCM.


Wednesday, June 2, 2021 - 14:30 to 16:00

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