Princess Elisabeth Station

The Princess Elisabeth station is a Belgian research station in Antarctica, at 72º South and 23º East, around 200 km from the coastline. It has been inaugurated in February 2009 and is open only during austral summer, from November to end of February.  To learn more on it, see the link to the Belgian Polar secretariat.

The STCE is present at this station with a CIMEL sunphotometer measuring direct Sun and diffuse sky radiances, with a MAX-DOAS instrument measuring solar stray light at different elevation angles, with a Brewer ozone spectrophotometer and sensors for UV-A, UV-B and total solar radiaton. During austral summers, also radio soundings with weather balloon launches are done. More information can be found on the Aerocloud project description, in which data of these instruments are also used.


Princess Elisabeth Station


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