Products and services for users of real time GNSS applications

Responsible person: René Warnant 

Overall description
Nowadays GNSS are widely used to measure positions in the frame of many applications of which the accuracy ranges from a few mm (Geodesy) to about 10 m (navigation). The influence of the ionosphere on radio signals emitted by GNSS satellites remains the main limitation to the accuracy and to the reliability of most of these applications. Indeed, Space Weather can be the origin of disturbed conditions in the ionospheric activity which strongly affects GNSS applications. Usually, users are not aware about the occurrence of degraded positioning conditions. Therefore, it is indispensable to monitor GNSS integrity against ionospheric threats and to provide GNSS users with information ionospheric about ionospheric influence on their applications. 

Long Term Goal
To develop operational techniques to assess, to model and to forecast Space Weather effects on real time GNSS applications.
To develop a web site which provides information about Space Weather activity and about Space Weather effects on real time GNSS applications. 


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