Space Technology & Calibration Laboratories (STCL)

Responsible persons: Ali BenMoussa & David Bolsée 

Overall description
Two complementary groups i.e., the Advanced Technology for Solar Observations WP ROB A.5 and the Optics Laboratory facilities WP BISA A.4 agree to join their efforts to support the needs concerning high-quality characterization and calibration of space- and ground-based instruments and their components. The instrument calibration activities include the pre-flight calibration, the onboard calibration procedures and degradation assessment that are required to understand the instrument and prepare the scientific exploitation of its data.

This WP provides also multidisciplinary R&D support for the development of advanced space technologies for the next generation of scientific instruments. 

Long Term Goal
The long term goal is to enhance our expertise in scientific fields related to the design, development, calibration and degradation assessment of instruments. More specifically:

  • Build a research and experimental laboratory facility for high-quality instrument calibration, flight/instrument operations, and preparation to science;
  • Define calibration standards for space-based instruments and their sub -systems at Belgian level and assure their traceability. Co-operate with European and international organizations responsible for quality infrastructure dedicated to calibration measurements and metrology standards;
  • Design future space-based instruments and on-board calibration systems by developing and characterizing prototype systems (R&D), data compression, processing and exploitation;
  • Understand instrument ageing: degradation, contamination/cleanliness issues, modeling & simulation.

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