Data Centre

Responsible person: Didier Moreau 

Overall description
To sustain STCE activities, a data centre is developed. Building that datacenter will be a matter of acquiring equipment, connecting this equipments to existing infrastructure and networks. Finally, we will have to develop the framework to offer services in order to satisfy end user's needs. Essentially the data center will provides the following services:

  • Collect, store and process data;
  • Distribute data by FTP or HTTP
  • Distribute data by automatic forward
  • Give some users direct access to dedicated files servers
  • Run specific applications
  • Guarantee service 7/7, 24/24.

The designed datacenter will be integrated in the existing IT infrastructure of STCE partners. It is based on an architecture that can grow and that can adapt to new requirements and technologies. 

As STCE partners have existing IT, a close collaboration is necessary between the B.USOC (datacenter sub-project leader) and the IT services of the STCE. This is the only way to make sure that the datacenter will responds correctly to end user's needs, while taking into account the necessary interoperability with the existing infrastructure. 


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