Fundamental Science: Solar wind - magnetosphere, solar influence on climate

Responsible person: Viviane Pierrard - Norma Crosby 

Overall description
Science underlies understanding and predicting the space environment. 

Long Term Goal
Perform first-class science in various domains related to solar-terrestrial science (solar wind, auroral physics, solar-terrestrial relationships ...) in close collaboration with the Institute science staff and UCL.

  • Fundamental processes governing solar wind entry into the magnetosphere must be understood to improve space weather predictions. Modeling the solar wind and its influence on the space environment will help to reveal the nature of some of these fundamental processes.
  • Contribute to the study of the influence of the Sun on the climate, including the role of corpuscular radiation. Comparisons of long-period observations of terrestrial parameters (magnetospheric characteristics, temperature at the surface of the Earth, cloud coverage ...) and solar or external parameters (sunspots, solar wind velocity, solar wind density, cosmic ray flux ...).

It should be noted that other fundamental science topics relevant to solar-terrestrial physics will continue to be studied in the context of other projects.


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