Study of ozone and aerosol and their influence on climate and UV radiation

Responsible person: Hugo de BackerĀ 

Long Term Goal

  • Extend the high quality data set of the vertical distribution of ozone and ozone columns which started in 1969 and UV spectral irradiation measurements which started in 1989.
  • Extract the additional information on aerosol available in the ozone and UV observations from the ground with spectrophotometers and from space using satellite images.
  • Maintain and improve/update of the UV index prediction system.
  • Inform the public about the state of the ozone layer and the UV radiation.
  • Exploitation of the data:
    • use of ozone profile data in the study of tropospheric ozone events
    • use of aerosol information to investigate the effect of aerosol on the UV radiation reaching the ground;
    • effect of the aerosol properties on the accuracy of broadband UV observations
    • study of the interactions between changes in aerosol and ozone content of the atmosphere and climate changes
    • study of the ozone budget over mid-latitudes.

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