Space Weather services

Responsible person: Michel Kruglanski 

Overall description
Space Weather describes the conditions in space affecting Earth and human activities. It is mainly driven by the solar activity and is associated to phenomena such as geomagnetic storms, the Van Allen radiation belts, ionospheric disturbances, aurora and geomagnetically induced currents at Earth's surface. Several models and data sets have been produced (and are still being produced) by the scientific and engineering community to understand, evaluate and forecast the phenomena and their effects on technological systems. The access to this information is not always straightforward in particular for a broader public. Web accessible services should educate, inform and provide user-friendly tools to different communities (general public, space engineers and policy makers,...). 

Long Term Goal
Provide a number of human and machine readable services which expose the scientific and technical expertise that has been and will be acquired on the space environment and its effects. 

Short Term Goals

  • Operating the European Space Weather Portal initiated during the COST 724 action;
  • Developing an integrated user-friendly framework tool to archive, access and manage scientific or engineering data sets used by other STCE projects;
  • Establishing a functional link between the two preceding points and the SPENVIS interface

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