Solar Atmosphere Studies

Responsible person: Andrei Zhukov 

Overall description
The ROB/SIDC group has a strong heritage in the studies of the solar atmosphere. It is historically based upon its core expertise related to EUV imagers. In recent years, other important fields of expertise have been developed within the group, such as working with spectroscopic and coronagraphic observations as well as in situ measurements of disturbances in the solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field. Both active conditions resulting from solar eruptive events (flares and coronal mass ejections, CMEs) and quiet periods are addressed. We have thus accumulated necessary expertise that allows us to perform a wide range of studies of the solar atmosphere using available data from current and upcoming solar (SOHO, TRACE, STEREO, Hinode, PROBA-2, SDO) and heliospheric (ACE, WIND, Ulysses) space missions, as well as from ground-based solar observatories. 
The present work package deals with the fundamental physical research on the structure and dynamics of the solar atmosphere, in particular solar corona, including physics of potentially geoeffective eruptive events (flares, CMEs, solar energetic particles). 

Long Term Goal
Our ultimate goal is to understand the structure and variability of the solar atmosphere, both in quiet and active periods. It also includes linking solar and heliospheric phenomena (which is a part of the space weather science). A particularly important target is the development of a physical knowledge for predicting interplanetary plasma and magnetic field disturbances on the base of solar observations. 



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