Solar Irradiance studies for climate change

Responsible person: Steven Dewitte 

Overall description
Long term monitoring of the solar irradiance for climate change studies. 

Goals for 2009-2010

  • Launch preparation of SOVAP radiometer for flight on PICARD with foreseen launch in November 2009 - February 2010 time frame.
  • After SOVAP launch: SOVAP instrument testing during commissioning activities, first validation SOVAP flight processing software, first validation scientific results. A first journal paper with the basic validation results is expected to be submitted for review one year after the first solar observations.
  • Processing and analysis of measurements of DIARAD radiometer on SOHO.
  • Refurbishment of SOVAP QM radiometer.
  • Temporary integration of SOVAP QM radiometer in 'Picard-Sol' at CERGA for safe non-standard flight instrument operation testing and for ground solar measurements
  • Measurement campaign with SOVAP QM radiometer at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica station during 2010-2011 Southern Hemisphere summer season.
  • Refurbishment and re-characterisation of SOVA1 radiometer which has flight heritage from 1992 Eureca space flight.
  • Contribute to international radiometer comparison for resolving absolute scale difference between TIM and other radiometers. Laboratory comparison of SOVA 1 with cryogenic radiometer at LASP.
  • Continue SIMBA instrument design, feasability and optimisation studies.
  • Built prototypes of SIMBA instrument and make laboratory tests of critical elements for instrument accuracy.
  • Start SIMBA-OUFTI cubesat satellite integration study.

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