Seminar Solar Spectral Irradiance Variability

Solar Spectral Irradiance Variability

By Dr. R. Kariyappa
Former Professor of Indian Institute of Astrophysics, India & Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research (ISEE), Nagoya University, Japan


It is of great interest and importance to study the variabilities of solar spectral irradiance (SSI) in heliophysics, in Earth’s climate, and space weather applications.  We will discuss the results of the solar variability observed in EUV, UV (LYRA) & X-ray (GOES) using the spatially resolved and segmented full-disk images of the Sun (obtained from PROBA2/SWAP, SDO/AIA & Hinode/XRT) in relation to  the underlying photospheric magnetic fields, measured from SDO/HMI.

When: September 27, 2PM

Where: Meridian room at the ROB and on Webex


Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - 14:00 to 15:30

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