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In papers and documents on solar-terrestrial research, it is not always straightforward to immediately grasp the meaning of sentences such as "The EU funded project HELCATS established ready-to-use databases for analyzing STEREO 3D CME characteristics and HI CME tracks on a statistical basis." Quite a few would need a second reading of statements such as "Noticeable but less intense GMSs occur from the impact of ICMEs that had DSFs located in quiescent regions outside ARs as their source."

In order to help understand what researchers and space weather authors are writing, the STCE has compiled a non-exhaustive list of acronyms that are in use in the solar-terrestrial domain. It currently contains nearly 1500 entries. This list is primarily based on existing listings from the Space Weather Introductory Course (SWIC) and the STCE Annual Reports (2011-present), and further expanded with a few listings from publications and reviews. This acronym list is considered to be dynamical, i.e. there are still many space weather (SWx) acronyms out there, and new projects, satellites and research papers with their own specific acronyms are created everyday. These will drive systematic updates of this webpage. Also, feel free to send us (swec@stce.be) any acronym you find relevant for SWx, and you might retrieve it in any of the future updates of the STCE's SWx acronym list. Enjoy!




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