SC25 going strong

The STCE's SC25 Tracking page has been updated to reflect the latest evolution in some critical space weather parameters for the ongoing solar cycle 25 (SC25).

A stunning filament eruption

On 20 January, a large filament in the southwest solar quadrant erupted producing some spectacular images.

New milestones for SC25

Solar activity continued to be elevated, with both the sunspot number and the solar radio flux reaching their highest values so far this solar cycle.

Triple X

The Sun produced a 3rd X-class flare in just 5 days. This page features the ongoing series of X-class flares and other solar activity. UPDATED 1.

X-class flares are back!

A side-by-side comparison of and more details on the X-class flares from 6 and 9 January.

X1.9 flare from NOAA 3184

Compact and complex sunspot group NOAA 3184 produced a X1.9 flare on 9 January.

X-class flare from NOAA 3182

NOAA 3182 produced an X-class flare early on 6 January. Space weather effects are limited.

Monthly sunspot number exceeds 100!

Exactly 3 years after the start of the new solar cycle, the monthly sunspot number has exceeded 100 for the first time.

The coronal hole that wasn't

What looked like a weak coronal hole structure in EUV imagery turned out to be a filament channel.

The PROBA2 Science Center launches its 10th Guest Investigator call

The PROBA2 PI-team welcomes research proposals for the tenth round of its Guest Investigator program for research based on SWAP and LYRA data analysis by scientists outside the SWAP and LYRA PI-teams.



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