SWAP & LYRA data release - PROBA2 Guest Investigator Program

The ESA micro-satellite PROBA2 was launched last November with two solar instruments onboard: SWAP, an EUV imager, and LYRA, a UV radiometer. SWAP and LYRA have an open data policy. We are happy to announce the beta data release of the science data products.
We also announce the open call for the PROBA2 Guest Investigator Program to promote & fund SWAP and LYRA data analysis by external scientists (submission deadline June 10!).

For the time being, we have online the following FITS files in YYYY/MM/DD directories:

New data will become available in (near) real time. Older data will gradually become available as we backward process the received telemetry. Users are encouraged to feedback problems and questions such that we can further fine-tune the format of the data products. The latest SWAP image and a recent LYRA time-curve can be found on the front page of http://sidc.be . More information on the instruments and data will become available on http://proba2.sidc.be.

A Guest Investigator Program is available to promote the use of PROBA2 data. Selected proposers will be invited to spend one or a few months with the Principal Investigator (PI) teams to obtain expert knowledge on the instruments and to participate in the daily commanding of SWAP and LYRA. Each guest investigator will get reimbursed for travel, accommodation and living expenses. Details on the PROBA2 Guest Investigator Program can be found at http://proba2.oma.be/index.html/community/guest-investigator-program/

On the SWAP image dating from May 02, 2010, we can clearly see a coronal hole in the northern hemisphere. The fast solar wind speed emanating from this hole was blowing over the Earth magnetosphere inducing a major magnetic storm on May 02 and 03. Solar wind velocities were and still are close to 700 km/s. The magnetic field carried by the solar wind reached 20 nT on May 02. This magnetic field was oriented for a long period in such a way that it could couple with the Earth magnetic field.



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