The 01 August 2010 event - Fully screened

On Aug 01, a series of solar events gave rise to a combination of Earth-directed halo CME's. We screen the event based on SDO and STEREO-Ahead movies, and ACE data.

What is peculiar is the fact that the accompagnied flare was only of a moderate class. It was a combination of different events in a fast sequence. In a way of speaking, all the energies involved in each process added to each other and resulted in a final energetic impact on Earth.

The August 01 event, triggered two Earth directed CME's. In a coronograph STEREOA/HI1, the second CME follows the first CME very close. One could even argue that there is only one CME: the second one overtook the first one. This is called CME cannibalism. The plasma structure can be followed in STEREOA/HI2 up to the arrival of a first shock at Earth on Aug 03 just before 17:00UT. This shock arrival is detected by ACE and visible in all solar wind parameters as a sudden jump. A second structure passed ACE on Aug 04 around 10:00UT. This magnetic structure could be eventually brought back to the second CME. In this case, the first CME was not completely eaten by the second one. The arrival of the CME's on Aug 03 and 04, triggered a minor storm and active conditions lasting up to Aug 05.

193 angstrom
304 angstrom
white light
white light
white light
ACE solar wind data
in situ
Aug 01 - 05
AR Active Region
ACE Satellite, Advanced Composition Explorer at L1 point, allways located between Earth and Sun
Gives in-situ solar wind data
AIA Atmospheric Imaging Assembly, Instrument onboard SDO
Gives images in many wavelengths
CME Coronal Mass Ejection
COR2 Coronograph onboard STEREO
Imaging the region around the Sun in White light
HI1-2 Heliospheric Imager onboard STEREO
Imaging the heliosphere in white light, the Sun is not present on the images.
SDO Satellite, Solar Dynamics Observatory orbitting Earth
Gives a front view of the Sun
STEREO Twin spacecraft, Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory, orbitting the Sun Ahead and Behind Earth.
Gives now a side view of the Sun since the separation between the Earth and Ahead an Behind is around 75°.



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