A major solar flare and a two-step prominence eruption on 23 July

The complex (beta-gamma-delta) Catania sunspot group 035 (NOAA 10039), suspected to have produced the X3.3 flare of July 20 (BBSO movie above) and a number of backsided full halo CMEs such as the one of July 16 (see this newsitem), struck again on July 23 producing an X4.8 tenflare (TRACE movie below) with x-ray flux peaking at 00h35UT. The fast halo coronal mass ejection (CME) associated with this event is expected to strike Earth on July 25.

Independently of the solar flare activity in NOAA 10039 near the south-east solar limb, there was an impressive prominence eruption near the north west limb.
First act of prominence eruption: on the North West limb, the western part of the prominence rises and erupts into a CME around 3h30UT.

Second act of prominence eruption: it is the turn of the middle part to erupt into another CME around 18h30UT. See also an H-alpha movie (BBSO) of that eruption.




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