Annual Report of the SIDC

Once a year, we bundle all our activities and publications of the past year in a document. All projects and services on which we are currently are described. It fits in the bulky report of the Royal Observatory of Belgium, one of the 10 scientific federal institutes.

The SIDC bundles two main activities: scientific research in solar physics and applied sciences concerning Space Weather and solar activity. The SIDC acts as a Regional Warning Center (RWC) for Western Europe, monitoring the Sun, providing space weather forecasts and alerts in case of extreme space weather. Besides an RWC, we are also the World Data Center for the sunspot index. The International Sunspot Number is calculated here and spread. Both activities of the SIDC as a research and service center overlap in many ways.

The report has 4 main topics: CME Studies involving e.g. space missions like STEREO/SECCHI and PROBA2, study of the variable magnetic Corona, the SIDC as a space weather center and finally observations, study and services involving solar activity indices.

Take a peak into the document by clicking on this link.




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