My work at SIDC: how can it benefit your work?


Speaker: Cis Verbeeck


As project manager of EUI at ROB, my main task is to coordinate scientific, technical and operational aspects of EUI, including active participation in the EUI Consortium and Solar Orbiter community.

However, I have been and still am involved in other projects, such as the automatic detection of Active Regions and Coronal Holes by SPoCA, the STAFF timeline database and viewer, and automatic detection of flares, dimmings and EUV waves by Solar Demon. My work in these areas has been inspired by my experience as space weather forecaster, and I have taken active part in the forecast verification of the SIDC space weather forecasts. I will present an overview of these activities, and invite all attendees to reflect on how parts of this may be useful to their work or future plans.

Date: 24 May 2017



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