Moon walk along the Sun

SWAP, an EUV images onboard of PROBA2 captured 3 moon walks on May 9 and 10: 2 lunar passages in front of the solar disk and 1 'rolling coin' passage.
The simulation shows 2 extra, however less spectacular lunar passages: the moon passes the Sun from 'far'. These data were not sent to the ground station. Solar eclipses are used to calibrate SWAP and analyse the effect of instrumental stray light.
The passage of the moon in front of the Sun was also 'seen' by LYRA: the intensity of the measured light dropped as it was blocked by the moon. That's why LYRA is blind for the 'far' passage and for the rolling coin trick of the moon.

Click on the different pictures for a SWAP movie of May 9 and May 10 and of a simulation.

Credits - Data and imagery were taken from the PROBA2 website.



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