X-class flare does peekaboo

Last week on 25 April, an X1 flare erupted from behind the west limb peaking at 00:27UT. The source region was NOAA 2035 which had completely rounded the west limb by noon on 24 April. This group had produced multiple, but low-level C-class flares in the preceding days. The flare caused a radio black-out above the Pacific.

This movie (from 00:00 till 06:00UT on 25 April) shows the evolution of the flare and the development of the post-flare coronal loops in successively higher temperatures of the solar atmosphere: First AIA 304 (lower transition region, about 80.000 degrees), then AIA 171 (upper transition region, 650.000 degrees) and AIA 131 (corona, several million degrees). The final clip combines imagery from AIA304-171-094 (SDO), showing the evolution of this magnificent flare in extreme ultraviolet.

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