PROBA2's view of the Sun

The PROBA2 team has just released a poster with extreme ultraviolet (EUV) images of the Sun. For every day in 2020, it shows a picture of the Sun's hot outer atmosphere (the corona). These pictures were taken by its EUV camera called SWAP, showing the Sun in temperatures near 1 million degrees.

There's a clear evolution in the outlook of the corona. In the beginning of the year, no active regions were present. However near the end of the year, active regions (the bright patches) became visible and were located at relatively high latitudes of 25 degrees away from the solar equator, a clear sign the new solar cycle 25 has started.

Further information can be found on the webpage of the PROBA2 team or on the ESA website where there's also a gif animation showing the evolution of the Sun in 2020. SWAP will also participate in a joint solar observation campaign with Solar Orbiter and the Parker Solar Probe from 10 till 20 January. More information on this PROBA2 page.




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