Quo Vadis ESWC: Registration open!

The Quo Vadis interim board is pleased to announce the opening of the registration to vote on the future organization of the European Space Weather Community. The vote will take place 28-30 June 2021 online and will be opened to registered eligible space weather and climate actors in Europe.

If you are not aware of this initiative please read until the end of this announcement. The  future organisation of the European Space Weather and Climate community will be open to everyone whose professional activity is somehow related to the Space Weather and Climate, stakeholders and many others.


Please register to vote at https://quovadis.aeronomie.be/index.php/voting/voting-registration-form The deadline for registration is 14 June 2021.


Check your eligibility at:

Note that the vote is individual and confidential (nobody from the organisation will know who votes what). The voting instructions will be sent in a personalized email after eligibility check.


This initiative is organized by the Interim Board, a group of volunteers from the space weather and space climate community in Europe under the name "Quo Vadis European Space Weather Community?" (short: "Quo Vadis") with the role to coordinate the efforts so that the space weather and space climate European community can

  1. Organize itself
  2. Elect people to represent it

For more information on the initiative please visit https://quovadis.aeronomie.be

Before voting, please also ensure that you familiarise yourself with and participate in the public discussion on the Quo Vadis initiative. To do this  please register at https://quovadis.aeronomie.be/index.php/discussion/discussion-registration-form

This discussion follows a white paper https://www.swsc-journal.org/articles/swsc/pdf/2021/01/swsc200098.pdf

The discussion will go on.




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