The STCE in 2019

The STCE Annual Report 2019 is now available at

It is a compilation of the activities done in 2019 within the frame of the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence (STCE). This report continues the style from the previous editions. Hence, as it is targeting a more general public, it presents only a selection of the 2019-activities in easy-to-digest summaries.

These bite-sized articles emphasize the intense collaboration between the institutes at the Space Pole, as well as with our external partners. It covers e.g. contributions on 50 years of ozonesonde measurements at Uccle, on the 10th anniversary of PROBA2, on the new neutron monitor in Dourbes, on the start of our tailored services to the civil aviation (PECASUS),... amongst many other topics. But also for those who want to know about the climate marches, about snowballs or even about gambling during a scientic conference, this annual report offers a glimpse of the life at the Space Pole.

We wish you an enjoyable reading experience!




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