Daily Live Forecast

What conditions can be expected?
Safe to leave your space vehicle?
Can I contact you with radio waves?

We are organising a special activity which will take place just after lunch on each of 18 - 21 November: on each of these days an agency involved in Space Weather prediction presents a short oral forecast in the Grand Foyer. You will see it when passing to the splinters.
The forecast bulletin is intended to be a summary of the Space Weather conditions that have been observed over the previous 24 hours and a forecast for the next 24 hours.
Don't panic if you missed the forecast: it will be on display continuously for the remainder of the day and the morning of the following day, until the following forecast is made by a different agency.

We hope that this will allow conference attendees who are new to Space Weather forecasts to gain some familiarity.

Tuesday 18 NovemberSWPC - Sorry, there is recording
Wednesday 19 November SIDC - the movie
Thursday 20 November BGS - the movie
Friday 21 November UK Met Office - the movie

One thing is for sure: it will be sunny in space.

The Daily Live Forecast is the result of a collaboration between SES, the STCE and the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme eHEROES