Space Weather for Engineers

Space weather describes the conditions in space that affect Earth and its technological systems. Space weather is a multidisciplinary science, ranging from fundamental science to observations, applications, monitoring activities and forecasts. Space weather has an impact on a large variety of domains and even on our daily life. On the positive side, it permits the observation of aurora. On the other hand, it poses a threat to aircraft crew and passengers because of radiation. Space weather is a concern for power companies, which fear a disastrous breakdown of their networks. Space weather also impacts navigation systems. Space weather affects a large variety of people and companies.

First Training School

In this respect, we organize Space Weather for Engineers prior to the ESWW10.

This course aimes to make people, and engineers in particular, aware of the solar or spatial origin of the disturbances and disruptions that are witnessed in many ground based and spatial technological systems, and to explain the physical mechanisms behind them, to indicate where to find the relevant predictive data and to train how to interpret them in order to lower the risk of damage to technical equipment and economic losses. As a matter of fact, Space Weather predictions are readily available nowadays and the Space Weather community has been working hard to make them widely accessible through disseminating forecast bulletins, alerts, etc.

Against this background, the School is targeted at training engineering personnel so that they are capable of taking protective measures when Space Weather alerts are issued, to the benefit of their companies.

Space Weather for Engineers

November 12 - 15, 2013, Leuven, Belgium