Upload of your contribution

From this edition, both presentations AND posters will be made available online for the participants of ESWW10. You will have access to the contributions even before the start of ESWW10 that have already been uploaded and for which the authors allows them to be accessible beforehand.



The poster boards are 75cm wide and 2m high.

Half Week Rotation

Since the large number of posters, it is practical impossible to put all the posters the whole week on display. The posters of plenaries 1 - 8 are put on display from Monday Nov 18 until Wednesday Nov 20, 16:00u the latest. The posters of plenaries 9 - 13 are put on display from Wednesday Nov 20, 16:00u until the end of the conference.
Can we ask the authors of the posters of plenaries 1 - 8 to free the poster boards by Wednesday Nov 20, 16:00u the latest. Thanks.

One-picture-per-poster presentation

We want to give extra publicity to the posters and provide an easy way to link a poster to a person. A one-picture-per-poster presentation will be shown continuously near the registration desk. Each day, the one-picture-per-posters related to the plenaries of that day will loop. The authors of a poster can provide us a png/jpeg/gif with the upload tool (see above) which shows
  1. the (short) title
  2. picture of yourself such that it is easy for the reader to link a poster to a person.
  3. Keywords (or a few sentences - take as a guideline a maximum of 300 - 400 characters), graph, gif-movie, ...
Please, put all 3 items in 1 picture - no 3 separate pictures. Keep in mind that the slides will rotate with a time cadence of 15 seconds: a 1 minute movie is less appropriate, similar for an extended text, ...