Tutorial - Solar space instrumentation: from lab to space

Monday November 17, 9:45 - 13:20

Monitoring the Sun in its full and hidden glory is one of the keys in solar physics and space weather services. Centre Spatial de Liège, CSL, has an expertise in building space instruments and stood at the cradle of several famous space instruments. We will guided along present and future radiometers and solar imagers.


09:30 Participants gather in front of the bus. Check the picture below where the bus will wait.
09:45 The bus leaves
10:15 The CSL Tour starts !
You will be guided through the wonders and secrets of the state of the art space technology. You pass in 3 groups from 1 activity to the next, each activity takes little less than 40'.

Active instruments
  • HI, Heliospheric Imager onboard the two STEREO spacecraft by Jean-Philip Halain (CSL)
  • SWAP, the EUV imager onboard the micro-satellite PROBA2 by Laurel Rachmeler (STCE)
  • EIT, the godfather of EUV solar imager onboard of SOHO by Pierre Rochus (CSL)
Future instruments
  • ESIO, Extreme-UV solar Imager for Operations onboard Solar Orbiter by Thibert Tanguy
  • ASPIICS, an externally occulted coronagraph for PROBA3 by Andrei Zhukov (STCE)
The Clean Room by Nicolas Crevesse

12:15 Well deserved light lunch
13:00 Heading back by bus for the official start of ESWW11

NOTE: If you have time to register before the bus leaves, go ahead. The registration desk will be open.

This tutorial is the result of a collaboration between partners from CSL, STCE and the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme eHEROES