Space Weather Time Line

In the last decade, contrary to the sun which had ups and downs as it is cycling through the years, the number of scientists interested in space weather had a steady grow, as well as the number of space weather supporting projects. But, of course, space weather has been out there already for a much longer time. The Carrington Event is often used as a reference for the beginning of the Space Weather area. At least, a light flash on the Sun was seen and was linked with strange things happening on Earth: malfunctioning of the telegraph, weird behaviour of compasses and aurora. Since the space age and especially since the end of the 80's with the Quebec power outage, the interest in space weather boomed as we learned that space weather impacts our society. Probably, space weather impacted also your own - professional - life. This is on a much smaller scale, but as important.

During ESWW10, a huge time line will be hung up near the registration desk. The time line shows Space Weather events, European space weather activities and a - for now - empty row which is all yours during ESWW10.

Put your own space weather milestone: a few words, a picture, a reference, etc.

Click on the time line for a pdf version.