Session - Spacecraft operations and space weather

Dave Pitchford and Richard Horne

Space weather and the space environment are important issues for a spacecraft operator; from cradle - to - grave, the effects are considered and encountered during the design, build and operation of a spacecraft. This session is a coming together of the user and research communities. Space industry participants are encouraged to discuss their experiences of Space Weather and their end-user needs for data and services. The research community is asked to showcase work directed at this important user community. Topics to be covered include: the analysis of significant space weather events; modeling and forecasting to support spacecraft operations; hosted sensors as assets for both the user and research communities; emerging challenges due to innovative technology and mission concepts.

Thursday November 20, 09:00-13:00, auditorium Reine Elisabeth

Poster Viewing
Thursday November 20, 10:15-11:30, area in front of auditorium Reine Elisabeth.

Talks: time schedule

9:00 Low Energy Electrons (< 200 keV) in the Inner Magnetosphere during Extreme Space Weather Events Ganushkina, N Oral
9:15New Charged Particle Measurements and Products from GOES-R Rodriguez, J et al. Invited oral
9:30 Simulated Electron Flux at GEO for the Carrington Event using the USSW Model Boynton, R et al. Oral
9:45 Influence of EMIC Waves on Radiation Belt Dynics Kersten, T et al. Oral
10:00 Initial Post-Flight Results of the Primary Arcing on Solar Cells At LEO (PASCAL) Flight Experiment Likar, J Invited oral
10:15Poster Viewing
11:00Poster Viewing + Coffee
11:30 Science and Data for Defining Space Weather Impacts to Satellite Operations Green, J et al. Invited oral
11:45 Energetic Particle Sensors for Anomaly Attribution and Environmental Specification (CEASE & RHAS) Lindstrom, C et al. Invited oral
12:00 SKYNET Operations and Space Weather Swinburne, B Invited oral
12:15 The AE9/AP9 Next Generation Radiation Specification Models - Progress Report Quinn, R et al. Oral
12:30 Confronting the AP9/AE9 Radiation Belt Models with Spacecraft Data and other Models Heynderickx, D et al. Oral
12:45 SpacePy and LanlGeoMag - Software Libraries for Space Science Data Analysis, Modelling and Space Weather Forecasting Morley, S et al. Invited oral
13:00End of session


1 Three Dimensional Radiation Belt Storm Monitoring System Developed by KASI Lee, Jaejin; Kim, Kyung-Chan; Lee, Jong-gil; Kim, Yeon-Han; Choi , Seonghwan; Park, Young-deuk
2 Development of the Spacecraft Environmental Anomalies Expert System (SEAES) at NASA Krishnarao, Dhanesh; Zheng, Yihua; Maddox, Marlo; Schiewe , Tyler
3 CCMC and SWRC Space Weather Services for NASA Robotic Mission Operators Pulkkinen, A; Kuznetsova, M; Zheng, Y; Maddox, M
4 The Analysis Results of the Roscosmos Monitoring System Elements Space-Borne Measurements Protopopov, G; Anashin, V; Kozyukova, O; Sitnikova, N
5 Global Model of Low frequency Chorus (fLHR < f < 0.1fce) from Multiple Satellite Observations Meredith, N; Horne, R; Li, W; Thorne, R2; Sicard-Piet, A
6 Development and Validation of the Electron Slot Region Radiation Environment Model Sandberg, I; Daglis, I; Heynderickx, D; Truscott, P; Hands, Alex; Evans, H; Nieminen, Petteri
7 Recent Developments in the BAS Radiation Belt Model Glauert, S; Horne, R; Meredith, N
8 Space Weather, Cosmic Rays, and Satellite Anomalies Dorman, L; Belov, A; Eroshenko, E; Eroshenko, E; Iucci, N; Levitin, A; Villoresi, G; Yanke, V
9 Radiation Effects on Electronics Measured by CARMEN-1 Onboard the SAC-D Satellite - Comparison with Predictions Varotsou, A; Samaras , A; Chatry , N; Lorfèvre , E; Bezerra , F
10 Derivation of Radial Diffusion Coefficients in the Radiation Belts using IMAGE ULF Wave Measurements Dimitrakoudis, S; Balasis, G; Papadimitriou, C; Anastasiadis, A; Daglis, I A
11 The Highly Miniaturised Radiation Monitor: concept, Design and Space Weather Applications Irshad, R; Gunes-Lasnet, S; Griffin, D; Woodward, S; Bogdanova, Y; Velagapudi, S H B; Turchetta, R; Dalenq, J; Houis, L; Araujo, H; Mauroschat, A; Torres, E; Menicucci, A; Daly, E
12-e Tailored Space Weather Products in Support of ESA Missions Berghmans, D; Kruglanski, M; Andreis, J; Baeyens, E; Calders, S; Chabanski, S; Devos, A; Dierckxsens, M; Hetey, L; Janssens, J; Glover, A; Magdalenic, J; Marque, C; Messios, N; Rodriguez, L; Verbeeck, C; Wauters, L; Zhukov, A; Dominique, M
13-e The Space Weather Modeling Framework as a Predictor of the Plasma Environment Welling, D; Gombosi, T; Toth, G; Liemohn, M; Glocer, A
14-e Development of Magnetospheric and Rapid 1D Shielding Analysis Tools for Simulating Heavy Ions in the SEPEM System Truscott, P; Lei, F; Heynderickx , D; Varotsou, A; Jiggens, P; Evans, H; Shea, M; Smart, D