Splinter - Education and Communication: Citizen Science

P. Vanlommel, G. Cessateur, N. B. Crosby
Friday 21st, 16:30 - 18:00

The SWWT Topical Working Group (TWG) "Education, Outreach and Emerging Markets (EOEM)" concerns space weather communication and education. We use the best possible tactics and tools to ensure our that our audience gets our space weather message in which they have an interest. Both formal ( e.g. school, textbook) and non-formal (e.g. museum exhibits, career workshops, meetings & conferences, business days) approaches are used to reach out to and communicate with the public as well as emerging markets (e.g. space tourism, human health on Earth). Each public has a specific background and interest: students, commercial entities, general public, political entities, military etc. The EOEM webpage is located on the European Space Weather Portal, ESWeP http://spaceweather.eu/swwt/eoem The splinter will build further on the ESWW10 splinter on the concept of Citizen Science defined as the active involvement of interested citizens in the various disciplines of space weather.

Preliminary agenda
  • The future of the EOEM TWG?
    Should it be restructured into two sub-groups or two separate TWGs? In regard to the restructuring nothing has yet been decided and suggestions from the community are encouraged.
    Note : Subgroup 1: Education and Public Outreach, Subgroup 2: Emerging Markets
  • Appointment of new spokespersons of TWG(s)
  • recall report about the ESWW10 brainstorming session:
    1.) Education and Public Outreach (Who to target?, How to target?),
    2.) Emerging Markets (Potential future markets in the context of European space weather services , How to target?).
  • The concept: Citizen Science-Crowd sourcing and Recapitulation of ESWW10 splinter Citizen Science
  • Zooniverse for online sunspotting, by Danny Ryan
  • Space up: a non-conference, by Stijn Calders
  • Discussion

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