Splinter - Space debris, near-Earth objects, and heliophysics: Roads for better data sharing

F. Deleflie, J. Aboudarham, N. Sanchez
Thursday 20th, 14:30 - 16:00

The Earth's environment is exposed to several hazards such as solar radiation and energetic particles, but also to larger objects such as man-made debris and near-Earth objects. These different types of hazards are all part of the SSA programme, but are usually addressed by different communities. And yet, information about all of them is needed to ensure a more global protection of the Earth's environment. In this splinter session, we shall focus on space debris and near-Earth objects. Our aim is to discuss the commonalities between their study and space weather in general, and start drafting a framework for a so-called astronomical Virtual Observatory that would connect these domains more closely together.

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