Splinter - Forecast Forum

L. Trichtchenko and S. Bloomfield
Tuesday, 18th 14:00-15:30

This is the regular splinter session of the SWWT Topical Working Group on Space Weather Forecasting. This year we will not only review the space weather events and forecasts, but also discuss the importance and methods of the evaluation and validation of the forecasts. Topics beyond those indicated in the agenda below are welcome from the participants.

The proposed focus of our presentations is the time period covering September to November 2014. Particular attention will be paid to the following topics:
- the space weather event of September 9 to 12,
- flare activity from active region NOAA 12192 during its October 2014 disk passage,
- solar energetic particle enhancements over October 31 to November 1 from no obvious source.


14:00-14:05 - Introduction (Larisa Trichtchenko/Shaun Bloomfield)

Presenting Forecasters:
  1. Solar
    14:05-14:20 - Jan Janssens (SIDC)
    14:20-14:40 - Manuela Temmer (Graz)
    14:40-14:50 - Questions and discussion
  2. Ionosphere
    14:50-15:05 - Matthew Francis (IPS)
    15:05-15:15 - Questions and discussion
  3. Impacts on satellites
    15:15-15:25 - David Pitchford (SES Engineering)
  4. Conclusions
    15:25-15:30 - Discussion of what scientific problems need to be resolved to improve the forecasts. From this discussion a list of recommendations will be presented to the SWWT Steering Board. Notes will be taken from all participants.

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