Splinter - Space Environment Support to NATO SSA

M. Messerotti, U.-P. Hoppe, F. Jansen
Tuesday 18th, 15:30 - 17:00

NATO's operations on the surface and in the air are increasingly supported with space-based services, very often vital to peace-keeping missions as well as activities that are aimed at the civil society (see, e.g., the NATO Civil Emergency Planning Committee, CEPC). NATO does not own nor directly control any space assets and does not perform operations in space. NATO relies on member nations and commercial suppliers for space support to its operations. In this context, Space Situational Awareness (SSA) plays a fundamental role in operation planning, both in the civilian and in the military frameworks. For this reason, NATO views SSA information an important tile for the successful completion of space-supported operations. A series of studies have been started in the framework of the NATO Science and Technology Organisation (NATO STO, Paris, France), which is aimed at fostering synergies and interoperability between science and technology. This splinter aims to briefly illustrate the study carried out by the Systems Concepts and Integration (SCI) SCI-229 Task Group on Space Environment Support to NATO SSA and to discuss the relevant outcomes with the audience.

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